Driving School Classics 2.2.0

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Driving School Classics 2.2.0

This new driving simulator will allow you to drive many different cars including muscle cars, supercars, SUVs, buses, trucks and much more. With so many different levels in different environments- cityscapes, mountain ranges, deserts- Driving School classics has something for everyone. Have fun with a traditional manual gearbox or take it easy with an automatic transmission; either way these intuitive controls are designed to make this the best driving simulator ever! Play online against friends from all around the world in multiplayer modes and be sure to wear your seat belt!

Featuring nearly 60 different cars to unlock, Driving School Classics puts you behind the wheel of a car or truck. Make sure you stay in control while traveling through various maps; some so big they can take up hours of your time! But don’t worry- it won’t be long before we give you even more new challenges to play with and an abundance of prizes to earn.

Free driving mode that also offers you multiplayer game options and detailed car interiors that simulate clutch mechanics, transmission fillers and realistic vehicle damage. Connect with friends from around the world through our leader boards or achievements and request new maps or vehicles directly through our social networks on next-generation mobile devices. All this in tandem with realistic sound effects–amazing touch steering wheel features all of which are supported by controllers for gamers who prefer gaming-style console gameplay.


Install the “APK” app on your device.
Copy the folder starting with “com” into “android/obb” if it exists.
Installation is complete. You can enter the game.

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