Friday the 13th 17.0

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Friday the 13th 17.0

Stalk and kill 100+ mind-bending campers with over 13 horror movie icons such as Jason Voorhees, Friday puzzle levels! From camping to the high-rises of Manhattan, Crystal Lake to the high-rises of Manhattan, Supermax prisons terrorize victims around the world (and perhaps even beyond).

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A heartwrenching set of obstacles for over 100 FREE levels. Play as Jason Vorhees before his transformation into more powerful versions, like Supermax Jason and Frozen Jason. Kill cops, SWAT teams and civilians while dodging traps such as landmines and rotary phones in the R rated version or try out an S-rated puzzle experience instead. Find new ways to murder victims including Jasons mom among other surprises while unlocking bonus content all throughout this thrilling game.

Friday the 13th Rusty and unwanted weapons trade for the shiny elite! • no internet connection is required! Bring a plane, bus F13 Killer Puzzle, or around your campsite – but please don’t bring it inside where Jason can find it! Please download this game which has been praised as one of this year’s bests.

-Bestselling horror puzzle game:-makers-13. FRIDAY and all related characters and elements are trademarks and trademarks of New Line Productions, Inc.©. And Fear, Inc. To the extent that they are interested (someone different). Used with permission. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle Game Programming & Content ©2018 Forest Green Enterprises Ltd., A Subsidiary Of Blue Wizard Digital Inc.

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