Gunspell 2 Puzzle War 3 In a Row

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Gunspell 2 Puzzle War 3 In a Row

  • Explore and experience other worlds through story-driven adventures, while avoiding supernatural threats.
  • Gather, collect and summon all sorts of powerful heroes, rare items and dark magic.
  • Fight to become the best player in this new fighting game! Battle your way through online matchups while you climb up the ranks. Win one-on-one matches against other players and reach the top!
  • Solve the mysteries of the long-dead empires and puzzle out what was lost to time.
  • Jewel games with demons and dragons to bring life to the game-quest.
  • Test your puzzle-solving abilities and use various gem combinations to create the perfect three-in-a-row.

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Welcome to a sequel to Gunspell – Match 3 RPG Puzzle games where you will play as the protagonist. As you travel through these different worlds, seeking out lost knowledge of ancient empires and solving puzzles for greater good, darkness will surround you – but don’t give up hope! You’re strong enough to overcome anything thrown at you, including monsters and otherworldly beasts. Take what they throw at you in stride so that together we can work towards victory; uncovering mysteries along the way.

This time, the story isn’t only about GunSpell; it’s also different missions from other heroic legends. With each legend carrying an individual set of skills that can be used during three-in-a-row battles against monsters and finding hidden items, to casting spells and often casting those very own personal magic…their quests for adventure hold many a mystery. Unlike other RPG Puzzle games where fighting is in a turn based match 3 duel format – ours takes on a new style entirely.

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