Heroes Evolved v1.1.58.0

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Heroes Evolved v1.1.58.0

Welcome to Heroes Evolved! Here you will find a friendly community full of skilled players who are passionate about gaming. You’ll also find well-balanced gameplay, an exciting atmosphere and fair rules so you can compete with others from all around the world. So what are you waiting for? Join us today and start building your own story!

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You’ll need all the skill you can muster – both in fighting and strategy – to survive this game. With dazzling graphics that never cease to draw your attention, it won’t matter if you’re playing for hours or just minutes at a time because Heroes Evolved is something you simply cannot put down. Choose from one of many different characters – each with his or her own unique strengths – and dive right into combat against opponents. Discover how every encounter becomes an experience unlike any other with an astonishing level of depth, complexities and unpredictability that make each win feel like no less than a triumph!

Become a destructive warlock attacking from the shadows. Charge up enemies with powerful spells and abilities, or take on the role of legendary kung-fu master Bruce Lee, the choice is yours! No two games are the same! Play competitively or just have fun in Chaotic contention mode, a rotating selection of fresh and crazy game rules Heroes Evolved has something for everyone. Prove yourself in the online battle arena where heroes evolve!

Access the depth of a fully realized PC MOBA experience on your phone! Play games anytime, anywhere with many ways to customize your gameplay experience. You can choose from over 50 different playable characters like Bruce Lee! Quick matchmaking battles that are perfect for playing in short bursts when you want something casual. There are multiple modes to choose from including more serious or wacky ones depending on what mood you’re in! Create clans and conquer the leaderboards together – no matter if it’s just you or whether it’s all your friends.

The extensive gear list provides real customization for each of your heroes. Unleash your skills and abilities with deadly precision with revolutionary controls. Multi-language support is always coming, including native app of en, FR, de, ES, PT, RU, ID, TH and more! No Pay 2 Win!

Carefully balanced mechanics to guarantee you a fair game. Join thousands of players around the world for instant action and fun! Facebook: fb.Com/HeroesEvolvedMobiledsupport: [email protected]

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