Magic Tiles 3 7,075.004

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Magic Tiles 3 7,075.004

Do you find yourself getting bored these days? Become an expert pianist with Magic Tiles 3 now, the mobile game which will kill boredom while at home! Newly added updates- new albums: totally brand new themes and special effects plus amazing songs. – Starter Pack includes coins, diamonds and a chance to remove ads for 75% off of the original price. Hurry up and grab it before someone else does! And remember- Our piano game also has monthly charts of all the latest and most popular songs around every month too so don’t forget about them too when looking for something to do either.

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In addition, when the tile speed reaches a certain threshold, players are rewarded with hidden eggs containing prizes. This is an enhanced version of the original game, containing various game modes for different styles of music – including guitars, drums and keyboards. With Magic Tiles 3TM we provide our users with high-quality pieces of art for them to appreciate and enjoy; let us come together to share these moments in time with one another through the medium of touching tiles on a mobile phone screen.

Rules of the game: Similar to other piano games, all one has to do is tap on the black tiles and avoid the white tiles. Then enjoy listening to amazing music from this game! Game Functions- Band Mode where you can play with more instruments such as Guitar, Piano and More. Battle Mode allows players to compete with others around the world; this transforms Magic Tiles 3 TM into a unique experience unlike any other!

In particular, the one-on-one battles mode enables you to compete directly with your friends and whoever else you might want.- Satisfying piano tunes which are continuously updated – these challenges that force players to tap faster in order to move up on the leaderboard. Mode. Log into Facebook and share game data across different devices. So get ready, and give these fantastic, free piano games a shot!

Impressively high-quality content without a catch – everything from easier pieces all the way up to impossibly difficult ones. Important!: In order to provide an optimized experience for users like yourself, we’re requiring permissions before downloading this app so that you may become a bona fide pianist right now! Support: Having any issues?

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