MaskGun Multiplayer 2.440

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MaskGun Multiplayer 2.440

MaskGun Multiplayer 2440 is a skill-based shooter with three different modes of play: Battle Royale, Team Deathmatch, or Free For All. With simple and easy-to-learn controls, you’ll soon learn how to control your character in this fast-paced game of shooting other players for points. If you’re looking for an intense way to show off your abilities in various scenarios then go ahead and download MaskGun today!

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3 Game modes – Deathmatch, Team DeathMatch, and Bomb Defusal mode. Five new maps; including Diwali Yard, Ryokan, GhostTown and LightHouse; play with your friends when they are online; join your friends in battle with just one click. This game has missions to challenge yourself and earn achievements.

MaskGun Multiplayer is a free-to-download app where you can complete missions and achievements to upgrade and unlock content. You can also purchase VIP Player Gear which allows you to increase rewards while progressing through the game faster. Customization of your character will allow you to choose from a good deal of different equipment, masks, armor, and other gear that are available for purchase at any time for use in-game. As an added bonus this app also has excellent graphics and supports all legacy devices!

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