Mount Blade

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May 30, 2022
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Mount Blade offers you an unforgettable experience. With multiplayer third-person shooter game play, choose your path, and customize the most amazing arsenal of weapons with console-level graphics to enjoy. Become a part of history from the comfort of your couch when you use your cell phone or tablet device!


Play as prime: distinct characters with varied skills. Choose your game type: do you want to take out opponents with a powerful effect such as planting fields of giant monsters, or would you rather be triumphant by being quick on your feet? Mount Blade Each Prime character has his/her own individual way of playing – so choose what kind of battle suits you best, then beat up on your enemies and claim victory in memorable showdowns!


Deliver your energy in dynamic six-player matches. Switch between shooting range at respawns, unleash your arsenal of skills and tools to turn the tide of battle and win. Defeating all enemies standing in your way strengthens you while pressuring others ranked against you.

Mount Blade

Mount Blade

Every victory brings us closer to the start of this wild game we call life. Stand out among your enemies, earn ranking points and unlock upgrades – new Prime units, weapons and factions!


Experience a whole new world of exciting visuals – each map, every character and environment will astound you with its detail! Take in all the beautiful scenery without having to worry about lag or choppiness because it’s optimized for use across many mobile devices. You’ll never see another game like this before – because there just isn’t anything else out there that offers the same level of visual perfection without sacrificing performance.

Mount Blade Subscription Data:

  • When you buy a subscription from iTunes, you can pay for it using the credit card linked to your account.
  • Your iTunes account will be charged automatically when your subscription expires and you’ll need to turn it off at least 24 hours before it ends. Your subscription will renew with the same plan you signed up for unless you change it beforehand. Currently there are four plans:
  • 1-week Subscription ($4.99) with 3-day Trial
  • 1 month Subscription (14.99 USD)
  • 6-month Subscription ($59.99)

Mount Blade

Mount Blade
Mount Blade values for various currencies correspond to the same value tier in the App Retailer Pricing Matrix. A subscription with a free trial period will automatically renew to an active account if not canceled before its end date. After purchasing the automatic renewal of your free trial model, you can delete or process it within your Account Settings. Cancellation may take effect 24 hours after the last day of the current subscription window and download to the free service.

Please Note: If you cancel your Premium Subscription within the Free Trial Period, then any unused portion of the Free Trial Period will also be canceled.


A NEW MODE: HARVEST. Fight together with your enemies and collect coins to win. Open spaces and lots of bunkers -the Harbor Map is great for many types of sports! To show you when accurate collisions happen, there are now visual indicators, such as successful collisions which can be seen clearly when they happen. Added loot path function that shows what level it currently is on the rating scale and any appropriate rewards coming along with this level. The stabilizer has been upgraded, catching accuracy has been improved, extra rewards have been put in place for beginner levels just like before (these were missing), plus plenty more!

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