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STRONG ADO Street Description Good afternoon Offroaders! The brand new open world off-road driving simulator is right here! For those who want to venture off the streets, look no further than this game!

You can choose to go anywhere you want. Drive your car uphill, catch the boat and head out to sea, or take flight high above it all with your helicopter – no matter what experience you’re looking for, there’s something waiting for you in this game.



Adventure awaits on CHALLENGING ISLAND where you can challenge yourself to do difficult missions for cash and make your car unstoppable. As you level up, you’ll be able to take part in higher stages for even greater rewards.


Off The Road – OTR Open World Driving. Your journey through this world of mountain tops and valleys will never end- thanks to the crane on your car, it is limitless! Nothing can stand in your way when you are driving down winding roads with the perfect rope physics that lets everything behave as if it was real life. If you’re feeling adventurous, feel free to take a boat out onto the ocean or even use helicopters to explore even further than ever before.


Practical Car Crash Dummy. Keep your car safe from crash-related damage and save money with this practical car crash dummy! Falling accidents can deform the frame of your car, but this product does all of the dirty work for you! It falls – deliberately – to let you know when it’s time for repairs; plus, it simulates water ripples among other features.


You need to be quick enough to beat the checkpoint hunts; because you will need all of your off-road knowledge in order to take on the challenges of Pathfinder. In this game there are exploration and transportation missions.


Use trailers to transport materials to their location or use your crane to hook up and freely drag things around on the planet.


DIFFICULT ISLAND By moving necessary materials to position houses, bridges, roads,

collect cars!

Off The Road – OTR Open World Driving

Off The Road – OTR Open World Driving

Get behind the wheel of 4×4 off-roaders, vans and many other tough vehicles!


A dynamic mud floor that deforms! You will explore muddy areas in order to make your car dirty. The chassis may be wet and covered in dirt, but you can wash it by rubbing it against a pool of water or repair it using tools like screwdrivers or wrenches.

Options :

  • Stunning landscapes lie waiting for those brave enough to explore
  • There are 34 off-road vehicles for you to discover and drive.
  • Drivable Boats, Helicopters
  • There are tons of challenges to overcome
  • Collect card packs that you can use to unlock new cars
  • There are tons of collections
  • My mind races to other worlds where rivers run through vibrant rainforests or refreshing oceans, but my body is anchored here; locked in this room with no windows.
  • Climb hills
  • Transport items
  • Beat challenges
  • Unlimited fun

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Off the Street OTR was created by Dogbyte Video games, creator of Offroad Legends 2, Blocky Roads, Zombie Offroad Safari, Redline Rush and Useless Enterprise.


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