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Pub-g Key Android Kedisi

You never know what dangers lurk around the corner when you’re out there in the field. All it takes is one zombie coming out of nowhere and you’ve lost your life. You can’t just stay alive if you want to make it through this hellish world we live in, but thanks to your skills, never fear! If you’ve got a rifle or shotgun handy, then all you need are some bullets and some guts to go on living and save those who deserve saving too!

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Left to Survive: Build your camp to defend yourself against enemy attacks. Reach the helicopter and dump waste on enemy bases to steal their resources. Battle other players in solo and team multiplayer tournaments. Team up with other groups of people, even if you’re opposing factions such as zombies or the military!

Test your survival skills against live players in Solo and 2v2 matches. Challenge Zombie Bosses, defend yourself against zombies who can jump, wear police armor or explode with poison gas, and customize your base Construction, customizing it to survive zombie attacks as well as preparing for other groups of survivors that want what you’ve got.

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