RAID Shadow Legends 2.0.0

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RAID Shadow Legends 2.0.0

Battle against hundreds of elite champions from 16 playable factions in an awe-inspiring realistic tactical RPG. Save the world of Teleria by recruiting your favorite fighters: some are born out of good, and some are born out of evil. Use them wisely to train them into being living weapons, then send off one of the greatest raiding parties this world has seen before. Download now and join the fight!

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Gather powerful champions and collect hundreds of warriors from 16 different factions. Summon balanced mages, skinwalkers, undead, knights, and elves to defeat your enemies – then take them with you! Fight epic boss battles. Defeat the challenging bosses for loot, experience, and a special champion drop each time. Beat these bosses over and over again until they drop even stronger gear than before

PVP ARENAgives you the opportunity to battle against other player opponents in order to earn equipment from challenging arena matches. Armed with my team of three champions, it was my job to demolish my opponent before they could do me harm. As long as I strategized well and managed my resources properly, victory was inevitable.

Given that this game consists of much more than just fighting – managing your zodiac sign is just one key way for you to progress through this world at a faster pace. It’s also important to keep upgrading your own personal castle so you can store all of the trophies you’ve earned along the way. This will also allow you to train up your champions if they’re not already powerful enough on their own!

Deep strategic gameplay will require you to make difficult choices and equip your champions with powerful artifacts to aid them in their quest. You’ll line up the best of your fighters so they can use devastating special skills, area-of-effect attacks, and healing powers as they traverse through battles. RAID Shadow Legends; MASSIVE PVE CAMPAIGN MAPExperience epic dark fantasy traversing 13 exciting locations spread across an expanding map that is fully voiced throughout the story campaign. You’ll also be able to experience seamless autoplay!

RAID: Shadow Legends; please note: Items can be purchased in this game. There are some types of paid items which cannot be refunded once purchase has been made. RAID is available in English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Turkish.

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