Robot Warfare 0.2.2310

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Robot Warfare 0.2.2310

If you are looking for an all-out futuristic competitive shooter experience then Robot Warfare 0.2.2310 may be just what you need. Defeat your opponents in both 5v5 and 6v6 matches, assembling the best robot crew for whichever type of battle suits you best – choose between a wide variety of 25+ different robots all with their own set of skills and weaponry before you enter the battlefield!

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Jump over buildings, dodge past cover, hide in plain sight behind shields or sneak through enemy lines. Play how you want! There are plenty of robots to choose from if you need some new ones – but they’re all free just by playing the game enough times. A test drive lets you try out different types of bots and see what suits your taste best before making any purchases.

Win some battles with a bot to make it yours – even if it’s one of those big bad bots that no one can beat – because everyone deserves an equal chance at being victorious sometimes without having to spend fortunes on it first. Put together a strategy by equipping various weapons onto drones and watch them fight alongside you while they keep the opposition occupied long enough for them to be eliminated completely.

Ability to use ten different robots in one battle! You don’t need to choose which of your favorite robots to bring into battle – you can use them all! Special upgrade system for robot upgrades and weapons. Great HD graphics awesome visuals: detailed robots and beautiful maps! Social networks have an active gaming community. Join now, talk directly with the game developers, chat with other players, get recent news, and win our fantastic contests and prizes drawn from time-to-time! FB: https://www.Facebook.Com/robotwarfare

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