Rocket Royale 2.0.8

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Rocket Royale 2.0.8

Rocket Royale is unlike any other battle royale game because the goal is to build a rocket so you can escape the island. You collect crafting materials from fallen meteors and use them for construction. Other people will try to shoot your rockets but protect yours as best as possible!

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Gather fuel and build a bunker to protect your position. Unique Battle Royale game-play allows for clever strategies via crafting and constructing barricades around yourself. 100% destructible environment – every building can be destroyed or dismantled! There are no parachute jumps or shrinking safe zones, but you can use portals to move from one place to another on the island. Rocket Royale’s multiplayer modes offer Single Player, Duo Mode and Squad Mode for up to 3 players per team, with all other participants being real people rather than AI-generated characters.

There is so much to see and explore in this game! Characters, items, spells, and even dances are all waiting for you to find them. Gain XP and level up – making your way to the global Leaderboards where you’ll have a chance at becoming number one! All this comes with less than 100MB of memory space taken up – perfect for mobile devices – and it can run smoothly on low-end devices too! In this game, you will experience fast-paced multiplayer battles with 25 people who go head to head in real-time combat while experiencing open sandbox modes with crafting, and building anything imaginable – including bridges, castles; sky bridges; making everything possible. This game offers amazing opportunities

Play with your friends online, and connect to your friend list when playing games together. Highest Frames Per Second! Tons of items and weapons are available to loot, explore massive worlds and use creativity while acting smart – causing mass devastation!

Welcome to Rocket Royale! Here is the promo code for a free prize: XXXYYZZZJoin Join us on Facebook: https://facebook.Com/groups/rocketroyale/Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.Com/GameSpire_org

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