Royal Revolt 2 6.1.1

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Royal Revolt 2 6.1.1

Lead your kingdom to victory with RTS war strategy and become the strongest King or Queen in the ROYAL REVOLT 2 RPG action world. The key to success is your offensive combat skills and strategic military expertise – this includes adjusting strategies depending on what you know about opponents’ troop make-up, using tricks of the trade for when supplies are low, plotting elaborate traps for enemies still unaware of strategic warfare, etcetera.

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Build an epic tower defense that survives even the most violent of confrontations. Carefully choose your Armies, Tower Defense Strategy and Obstacles to best secure your Kingdom from rivaling kingdoms who wish to destroy you via RTS and take down the mighty walls around your Castle. With a loyal pet friend by your side at all times – you are ready for any quest which may lie ahead; one where warriors fight relentlessly against dragons, archers, or werewolves – this game has it all! A Vampire Knight could even raid other kingdoms if they so desired! This game features various RPG Game Mechanics alongside an amazing Tower Defense Strategy, which anyone would be lucky enough to experience.

Royal Revolt 2 – collecting legendary items and using them to strengthen your King or Queen! Customize the appearance of your hero while you strategize your way through battles. Royal Revolt II features an assortment of epic helmets, legendary armor – but there are still Legendary weapons to discover. You can also continue playing long after collecting Epic and Rare gear by seeking out Uber and Expert-ranked rarity equipment like swords or daggers.

Blacksmiths are a core part of what makes RPGs so compelling – creating weapons and armor to equip on your hero with more power than before. Not only do they allow you to produce stronger gear through experimentation, but they also provide additional stats like increased experience points and damage boosts.

As an added bonus, you can even create items or craft armor from unwanted spoils in order to obtain rewards or use runes that provide defensive bonuses; giving players an edge over their enemies in an intense battle. Royal Revolt 2 Tower Defense & War Strategy gives gamers the best experience when it comes down to its deep gameplay systems – just take one look at all these customization options!

Choose an army, obstacles, and tower defense strategy you want to use for your path. Upgrade your empire; set up a road and tower defense. Acquire helpful items and spells for your monarch so they will fit your individual style of play. Send mighty paladins and powerful beasts to guard your fortifications against invasion. Join alliances – find out how to make RTS war strategies Use Alliance points to gain access to extra resources such as rare materials in the storehouse.

Join an Alliance or become one yourself to unlock Legendary Creatures that can help your Stronghold. Share resources like materials and buildings with friends so you can work together in War Events. Become master tacticians during Alliance Wars, Conquest Battles, and Ninja events – fight for victory but also for awesome prizes.

With time-limited events available every season, there is always something new to do! Forge powerful weapons at the blacksmiths when you don’t have time for adventuring under your own fortifications; spend some quality time chatting with Granny (for epic loot); investigate dungeons beneath your defense; explore the city of forge making sure not to forget about visiting the Blacksmiths too.

Get ready to conquer dungeons in an exciting new RTS game! Get prepared to take on challenging enemies with Royal Revolt 2 Tower Defense RPG and strategy battles now available! Terms of Service:Royal Revolt 2 Tower Defense & Castle Building is free to download and play, but some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use these functions, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. This content only appropriate for players ages 16+, so make sure your child is old enough before downloading it.

You can find more information here: http://www.Flaregames.Com/parents-guide/By accessing or using a Flaregames product you are agreeing to our terms of service (www.Flaregames.Com/terms-service/).

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