RTO Fine For Using Window Tinted Glass

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To avoid the heat, he made the decision to have window tinting. He went to a nearby shop and requested the technician to put a sun screen to the car’s windows as it wasn’t a factory-installed feature.

The tinted glass kept the family from feeling the heat of the sun when he brought them to lunch the next day. Yet Mr. Mehta was unawuare that his actions had provoked conflict. He was stopped by the traffic cops before they got to the restaurant. He displayed his driver’s licence, all of the registration paperwork, and his auto insurance policy.

To the police officer, he displayed all of his registration papers, his auto insurance policy, and his driver’s licence. The black sun foil on his car, however, resulted in him having to pay a hefty fine. The traffic police advised Window Tinting to study the RTO rules for automobile glass film and that such auto modifications are prohibited.

What rules do RTOs have regarding car glass film?

To lawfully operate a vehicle on Indian roads, one must abide by the norms and regulations set out by the Regional Transport Office (RTO). There may be many fines and punishments if you break them. For instance, violating Indian law by driving without adequate vehicle insurance can result in a $2,000 fine and up to three months in jail.

What is Tinted Glass?

Sunlight is kept out of the car’s interior via a darkened glass. Regrettably, most automakers do not provide a tinted window as standard. Car owners Window Tinted add sun films as a result. The inside temperature is lowered by these coatings. Moreover, they shield the interior of the automobile from damage brought on by solar exposure. Maintaining the privacy of the passengers of the automobile is a further advantage of window tinting.

 manufacturers provide factory-installed tinted glass. Among these producers are Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki. To prevent you from incurring penalties or fines, they employ automobile glass film that has been certified by the RTO.

What is the Fine for Tinted Glass in a Car?

The first time you break the law by driving without a car Window Tinted that has been approved by the RTO, you will be fined $100. Although many motorists believe that this is a small and manageable fine, the consequences get worse the more offences you have.

You will incur fines of 300 if you break the rule a second time. The third offence will result in a  fine and the suspension of your driving privileges. So, ensure that you are aware of the necessary requirements and refrain from breaking the law.

Why are Tinted Windows Not Allowed in India?

The Supreme Court decided to restrict the wearing of tinted glasses while driving for a number of reasons. Fear of crimes is the first. Many crimes were committed inside of automobiles with darkly tinted windows. The solar film also reduced the driver’s field of vision and raised the danger of accidents as a result of poor visibility.

Do Tinted Glasses Have an Impact on Car Insurance?

Some automobile owners wonder if wearing tinted glasses would complicate the process of purchasing auto insurance. Tinted windows don’t affect the cost of your auto insurance at all, but they might be problematic if you need Window Tinted to file an insurance claim. Several authorities and regulatory groups advocate for prohibiting owners from filing insurance claims for their automobiles.

How to Remove Tinting from Your Car?

Follow the steps below if you recently had a solar film placed to your car windows and want to take it off right away. There won’t be any scratches on the glass as a result of these operations.

Heat gun

The adhesive on the sun foil may be melted using a heat gun. You can remove the coloured foil more easily when the adhesive melts. For automobile owners without a heat gun, a hairdryer can be used instead.

Soapy water

The adhesive that remains on your glass after removing the coloured foil may be removed with soapy water. After the procedure, you will have crystal-clear, spotless glass.

What are the Alternatives to Sun Films?

Driving in the summer ceramic tint glass may be grating and uncomfortable in a nation like India. Thankfully, companies have released a new product that satisfies the specifications. The inside of the automobile experiences less heat load thanks to the dark green UV cut glass. By 80%, UV radiation is eliminated. The finest part is that it keeps a 50% visibility. The cost of the movie is on the higher side, though. Be sure you purchase items from reputable manufacturers and that they adhere to government criteria before putting window films.


Be cautious while using tinted glass, even if India’s sweltering summers could make it tough for you to sit inside the vehicle. According to RTO regulations, the front, back, and side glasses must all have a minimum of 70% visibility and 50% visibility, respectively. The goal of the law is to stop accidents brought on by erratic driving and illegal conduct. The automobile must have current insurance, which is yet another essential guideline.

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