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Jul 26, 2022
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Rusai High Basically plays the best realistic racing simulation of the famous Soviet Russian car – ZIL 130! Be aware of every detail and feel like you’re actually inside it while driving, because there are no other options available for those who want to experience driving this truck.

Russian Driver

Russian Driver
Rusai High offers many diverse educational opportunities, such as finding out how to run a successful business by taking part in themed events or getting hands-on experience working on cars and trucks – we even offer programs to teach you how to save lives! Our campus is large enough for high-intensity sports without feeling cramped – it’s perfect for those who are looking for new challenges. With so many choices, there’ll never be a dull moment; whether it’s flying through the air on tightropes, conquering your fear of heights or trying something new in one of our other activities.

Russian Driver

Russian Driver
Rusai High Varied actions on the roads will not allow you to loosen up while driving the truck! More than ninety different types of cargo are available for you with their own individual features. Your reputation will depend on your decisions. Choose who you want to socialize with! Open your trucking company and hire drivers to manage it!

Rusai High With all the different models and modifications available; Rusia High has something for everyone! Our car systems include a deluxe sound system, personalized seats, and much more! Add even more options like new steering wheels or the latest tires today – it only takes one stop at Rusai to find what you’re looking for.

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