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Jul 26, 2022
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Style Auto Challenge Carnival began in China. It seems this is only a beta version, so please download the game from the developer’s website.

Autosh Style

Autosh Style

Style Auto Carnival is an endless racing game that allows you to drive a sports car for hours on end. The glossy paint job makes it look like a Lamborghini, but it’s just black. This endeavor can be played on Android by driving around on a large map with various environments. It’s only that your car accelerates so quickly that things such as grass and other objects will flash before your eyes, while poles are harmless – the car simply drives straight through them. Plus, you could see in the video below how developers did not include the same old physics and injury system plus cars slide about identically depending of whether they’re on asphalt or off the beaten path – even when speeding across dirt fields

Autosh Style

Autosh Style

The official carnival website (which thankfully has English subtitles) states that you don’t need an Internet connection to play. It looks like it’s been updated too – for instance, in the most recent patch, developers have optimized the game. Judging by this video of someone playing, there seem to be three cars or so and a city-style map (although we’re not sure if its fake). However, judging from when they go into the main menu – their UI might need some work.

Get up close and personal with this high-tech division, born from the player’s perspective. The Sport Drive Division TM offers a world full of beauty in automobiles, destinations, tuning and leisure activities – all uniquely satisfying to every kind of player. We’re always looking for ways to keep things fresh, so please stay tuned; participate in polls; voice your opinions; and collaborate with other players on design choices that matter to you most. Trust us when we say we’ve got something for everyone.

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