truck simulator 2023

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The ultimate truck simulation experience! Take control of an 18-wheeler and deliver various goods across the country. Test your driving skills through traffic jams, toll booths, and off-road tracks. With this much realism, it will feel like you’re really behind the wheel of a huge rig!

We are here with an extraordinary adventure! You’ll find all the basic physics involved in driving trucks recreated and improved upon for a fun experience that lets you use different types of trucks; including heavy-duty ones which will give you more challenges to conquer.

truck simulator 2021 1.0.6

truck simulator 2021 1.0.6

You should safely transport the cargo by truck so it arrives at its destination.

Common Recreational Options
3 unique ways a truck can change
6 Unique Trailers
Choosing between memory modification
Retarder Brake Programs

Truck transport simulation for heavy loads – 2022

Truck Transport Heavy Load Simulation

  • Engine Brakes Sound
  • Air brakes are making noise.
  • Air Horn.

Get our heavy-duty truck simulator game and make it available to everyone!

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