Zombie Age 3 1.6.7

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Zombie Age 3 1.6.7

Ooh, a high quality Zombie Age series will offer many intense zombie battles, knives and guns from different eras. There are so many options when it comes to slaughtering them, all with your own personal flair. If you’re looking for an undead shooter game that’ll have your trigger finger itching; look no further! Ooh, oo, oo, oo Congratulations – you’re still alive. You may be outnumbered but there’s more than one way out of this mess. So what are you going to do now? Kill the walking dead along the route of this video-game adventure; save yourself or just play around being heroic for once…

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In Zombie Age 3, you need to believe me when I tell you that there isn’t a chance of living for too long. Zombies have already won this war – soon enough, it’ll be the apocalypse. With 10 different weapons at your disposal and over 20 uniquely skilled allies, how are we supposed to make it? Never mind the fact that there are oo+ types of zombies out there or that we might only survive through co-op play with other people – we’re all dead anyway!

Boss battles are just as exciting and challenging as they are terrifying. You can play 10 different games from all around the world, all with achievements and global leaderboards, which supports truly high quality graphics for tablets of any kind – even those that are great for toddlers!

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