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Age of Z 1.2.18

Fight zombies, make friends and save humanity as we know it in this Zombie Strategy game! Humanity is living in an age of darkness because of the zombie apocalypse. But now there’s light at the end of the tunnel- when you upgrade weapons, explosives and vast armies to take out those pesky zombies.

Rebuild civilization by ridding ourselves of the invading undead forces, rescuing trapped survivors and restoring prosperity across different regions. Alliances with other leaders around the world will help us do just that; crushing them is also one way we’ll be able to win. As long as we can capture important locations for ourselves first – together we will lead a new era for mankind!

Age of Z, because zombies can be a danger… but human scavengers and backstabbers are the real threat. LIFE Build huge arms of human grunts, killer machine guns and hi-tech laser cannons. Heroes win the day! Army lead soldier with unique characters, including a sexy international spy, a mad scientist, an honorable Sheriff, and more!

– Battle from many different zombie-related nightmares! There are mutant zombies, zombie bears and even death mothers waiting for you to take them down. You must fight your way through the rough terrain of lakes and mountains whilst also watching out for hidden dangers such as cliffs that could cause you serious injury if it was not for careful planning. The trickiest part is finding the right path to take without getting lost or running out of supplies which could ultimately lead to one’s demise.

Age of Z URBAN – Zombie Troops can’t resist your brave tactics in destroying them one block at a time. You’ll have to save Technology Centers, Weapon Centers, and Hospitals while saving Farmlands and Residences too; all to keep the economy thriving in this post-apocalyptic state! Playing Age of Z will introduce Level 3 Worlds with colossal bonuses for your Alliance as well as stage upgrades for Prosperity Maps so you can dominate battles!

– Creating an expansive network of alliances with people from all over the world, via diplomacy or the cleverness of one’s tongue – but under a single command. Zombies are only the start! – Forging heavy clans that wage war against each other in order to claim land and recourses while developing technologies too powerful for this Earth’s masters to dream about. There is peace even after death – because it is no longer necessary, and understanding prevails across all tribes so as not to jeopardize this newfound era of friendship. Feel free to contact us.


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