Angry Birds Evolution 2020 2.9.0

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Angry Birds Evolution 2020 2.9.0

This past week, I decided to download Angry Birds Evolution for my phone. After going through the tutorial, I found out it was a battle-royale style of gameplay where you use birds as weapons to attack pigs and take their eggs. The game is split up into different stages and every five levels there are boss battles where you need to think strategically about how many shots you need before making your attack. In addition, fighting from behind will make you do double the damage than normal so it’s crucial that you find a good vantage point or try hard not to get hit too much.

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Each turn passes, each bird has the opportunity to use their special abilities against the pigs. It’s up to you whether or not you want to attack your opponents directly with an explosion or cause them substantial injury. Utilizing these skills effectively will benefit you in combat – so use them well! When a bird defeats all of its opponents, its rank will go up accordingly while they change color from reds, greens, and yellows – eventually becoming honorable blues and yellows. As rewards go higher up, there is more bonus power applied when attacking certain colors. For example, yellow deals twice as much damage compared to blue when it comes to giving out bonuses; but blue gives out double what green does when it comes to healing effects.

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