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Clash of Clans 13.369.9

A great strategy inclined in rpg with great graphics and one of a kind gameplay. The game chronicles the conflict between humans and Goblins. We have to play for the people, and the main goal will be the destruction of the enemy clan.

The game starts with training, which is very easy to detect thanks to special tokens, and the absence of Russian localization in any way does not prevent a casual game in Clash of Clans .

Here you can choose between two main modes. The first mode is construction on its territory, the second is the battle mode on the enemy map. There is also a version of the battle on your site if you are attacked by goblin troops.

The fundamentals of the game process consist of construction, creation of units and accumulation. It is possible to accumulate both ordinary gold and mysterious purple potions according to functions reminiscent of the same gold. The outcome of combat in battle mode is very dependent on how units and combat weapons are deployed.

In conclusion, it must be said that Clash of Clans is a very unusual strategy for Android devices. The gameplay and graphics here are top notch, but the rest of the components are top-notch. The game will definitely appeal to strategy lovers as well as those who want to play for a long time on their smartphones or tablets.


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