Clash of Clans 13.369.9

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Clash of Clans 13.369.9

A grandiose strategy lies hidden in this RPG video game with amazing graphics and never before seen gameplay. This video game depicts the battle between humans and goblins; we are playing for the humans, our goal is to destroy the enemy clan. Training for the game starts at an easily detectable rate thanks to these special tokens, there’s no need for Russian translations because it can be played casually even if you don’t know how to read or speak Russian.

Here, you can choose from two main modes of play – either building forts on your own territory or fighting battles against goblins in other territories. There is also the option to engage in battle against the goblins who attack your fortifications.

The basics behind the game process include constructing, creating units, and accumulating. There are two types of currency that can be accumulated – regular gold and mysterious purple potions with similar functions to gold. The outcome of battles in battle mode depends heavily on how well you deploy your units and combat weapons.

In summary, it’s worth mentioning that Clash of Clans is an unusual strategy game for Android devices. The gameplay and graphics here are fantastic, but the other components aren’t so great. Nevertheless, this app will likely suit both gamers looking for a challenging tactical challenge and people who just want to spend hours playing games on their phones or tablet computers.


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