Drone Shadow Strike 1.25.117

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Drone Shadow Strike 1.25.117

One of the best current apps this week has to be Air Combat. This military warfare game offers an addictive mix of strategy, fast-paced gameplay, and so much more for players who love these types of games. There are five different levels that will test your skill level including an addictive mixture between stealth combat and intense battles you can’t find anywhere else. Players have access to different planes which gives it a realistic feel because each plane does something different than another – from dropping bombs to shooting guns – depending on what type of plane you use. With great graphics and challenging, gameplay players will never get bored playing this app.

Many missions are created for stealth fighters, who are sent out to execute various objectives. These people use advanced technology that includes rockets, missiles, guns and much more in order to move up the ranks quickly. Combat takes place on high quality levels with an understanding of how combat strategy works through firefights throughout which troops can advance their positions or defensive strongholds by obtaining supplies from areas both within and outside their sector boundaries.

Of course, all these resources need not come without some competition so it’s important for troops to identify key points where they can seize control over those resources but must do so wisely because once they are taken they cannot be regained unless enemy troops happen upon them first–giving them time to act swiftly before being discovered themselves if needed.

Defend the plane during the war while conducting a raid in this exciting FPS Action Game! Get ready to earn credits and rewards through LIVE Events so you can purchase awesome weapons of modern warfare. Competitive events are always fun to partake in, so don’t miss out on this one where you’ll make it onto the Leaderboard if you shoot well enough. Drone Shadow Strike is 100% FREE but certain items require an In-App Purchase.

Defend, Survive, and Strike in 5 Campaigns inspired by reality or in 34 Missions. With bombs for cannons and guided missiles to rockets and light weapons- there are four types of weaponry and 25 ways to use them; with upgrades that can’t be missed out on! And don’t forget about our new additions: drone shadow strikes, dominate the battlefield from above with air strikes, nuclear bombs and more. 3 live events gameplay and general leaderboards so you know who’s winning! There is also 20 different levels with graphics to accompany it – because we don’t want you bored after all these hours of playing strategy games.

Drone Shadow Strike is an Action-Adventure game that puts you at the center of your own military story. You start out as an Airman before taking control of a Master General with over 282 challenges and 70 achievements. New episodes are released periodically.


Install the “APK” app on your device.
Copy the folder starting with “com” into “android/obb” if it exists.
Installation is complete. You can enter the game.


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