Gangs Pro

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May 29, 2022
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Gangs Pro was launched in South Korea for iOS and Android. It’s also available worldwide, giving people an opportunity to join the fun no matter where they are located.

Gangs Pro

Gangs Pro
Gangs Pro is an online role-playing game originally from Asia. But because there isn’t a good video, it seems you are among the few brave enough to explore this new territory. Judging by its trailer, players will be able to customize their character’s appearance and gender before fighting off bosses in smaller maps. The protagonist of this story is the Monkey King – who appears to come to someone’s aid at the end of Gang’s Pro’s official trailer.

The developers of Kangrim 2 stated that they drew inspiration from traditional Chinese narratives such as Journey to the West when developing this role-playing game. Furthermore, the game’s description notes that you will be able to fight from an aerial perspective on horseback; graphics are said to be 3D and include large boss battles and rare rewards. To welcome newcomers, new players receive a free VIP gift which includes exclusive content only available during a limited time period or upon certain conditions being met. One caveat though – there is in-game purchasing which is built right into the app so make sure you’re aware of what it entails before downloading.

Gangs of India Bikes Car Drive

Gangs of India Bikes Car Drive
What’s happening:

Villain Progression: Players will unlock core perks and up to three bonus slots based primarily on each cheater. Weapon Progression: Players will unlock weapon mods and weapon mode slots on a weapon-by-weapon basis. Finish of match lobby: Every round ends with a 30-second cutscene showing the players being rewarded for winning or punished for losing. Points Desk: This list displays how many points you’ve collected at the end of every match.

The main benefits


Transfer earlier and Dash.

Start with 25 armor

Fractured enemies recover from damage especially slowly.

Kills will automatically reload your weapon.

Deal additional damage to foes who are wearing armor or if they are carrying enemy equipment.

Gadget player
Devices used to be less expensive.

Watch where the enemy’s footsteps are.

Kevlar Vest
Take much less damage from body images.

Take less damage when it comes to how we see ourselves.

Outdoors Sport Modes
Atop the hill

Crew Deathmatch

weapon modes

All weapon modifications are now balanced and designed to be fit for purpose.

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