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Hero Hunters v4.0

The Hero Hunter v4.0 has won the title of most innovative game in Google Play; it provides a great variety of heroes to collect and use while fighting against other players in high quality 3rd person shooter multiplayer battles. In this free-to-play online community, you can gather up over 50 different playable characters all at once!

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Alliance with your friends and meet new ones, because this game has amazing gameplay! Online PvP Battles, multiplayer matches all over the globe, challenging missions, and battling others online is what you’ll find in this game. In Hero Hunters you will use your team of heroes to compete against other players’ teams of heroes in epic battles and collect coins to buy more powerful equipment. There are also Daily Events – accessible at any time – where players can take on challenges such as Glove Mode or Survival Mode. You can even go head-to-head against bosses with endless waves of enemies attacking from every direction when you try out Boss Raids!

Quickly switch between players during battle in team-based combat – Modern and futuristic gear gives each player a unique experience. You’ll hear explosions as you’re shooting sniper rifles, see new heroes deploy stunning abilities that can quickly turn the tide of battle. Train your skills by switching control to different players or playing idle when you’re on the go – tons of weapons are waiting for you, including Sniper guns! Collect legendary heroes who have their own arsenal of epic weaponry.

Hero Hunters; Gather the perfect team to take out your enemies. Search through your list until you’ve found just the right match – keep your tanks and healers safe while they overwatch as you send in assassins and assault classes to attack them. Pick heroes of sniper, assault, shotgun, magic, fantasy, warrior, robot, sniper assassins, and cyborgs then play whichever hero suits you best! Make sure you’re quick enough to switch out when needed during battle time.

Loot from every battle to gain upgrades for yourself, your heroes, and your abilities. Dive into the single-player campaign as you take on raiders, bandits, and worse in a post-apocalyptic cityscape – all while trying to survive. Create an unstoppable squad by joining forces with up to five other players online or at home. Kill others online or offline before they kill you first! Be strategic when choosing which level of strategy best suits your needs – whether it’s playing alone or fighting alongside friends against enemies in real time battles.

Defeat your opponents in real-time multi-player challenges! Challenge yourself with epic battles against others from all over the world, dominate multiplayer action time. Join forces to create an empire. Play one of the best online multiplayer RPG shooting games for free today! Download it now!

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