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KartRider Rush

With over 300 million players worldwide, KartRider has had its fair share of fame. The sensation of kart racing is back and better than ever before with new game modes and content for everyone to enjoy. Play against your friends or just explore KartRider solo with tons of cool features. Collect cards featuring some awesome characters to build up your deck – collect upgrades and power-ups too! Get ready to climb the leaderboard – you’re going to go down in history as one of the best racers out there!

A Heroic Tale Unfolds!

Uncover the personal histories of all your favorite Kart Rider racers from around the world! An immersive story mode will introduce you to different game modes available only for these intrepid drivers.

Master the modes

KartRider Rush There are many ways to play KartRider Rush; whether racing by yourself and showing off your mad driving skills, or coordinating with others and working together to climb up the ranks. You can choose from speed races which rely on pure drifting ability, arcade mode for those looking for some fun competition against friends, or multiplayer for gamers ready to put all of themselves into winning at any cost.

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