Youtube Blue Apk Download Latest v [2023]

Youtube Blue Apk Download Latest v18.01.35 [2023]
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13 September 2023
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YouTube Blue APK is a well-known modified version of YouTube, thoughtfully crafted by the esteemed Team Vanced. This Android app, freely available on various online platforms, offers users a multitude of enhancements to their YouTube experience. While you can obtain YouTube Blue from several third-party app stores, we recommend sourcing it from a reputable and up-to-date provider to ensure the reliability and authenticity of the version.

This modified iteration of YouTube, YouTube Blue APK, comes laden with a plethora of desirable features. Most notably, it liberates users from the vexing presence of advertisements, offering an ad-free environment for uninterrupted viewing pleasure. Furthermore, it unlocks the capability to play videos in the background, allowing users to enjoy audio even when the app is minimized or the device screen is turned off.

YouTube Blue also reinstates the “dislike” button, which can be notably absent in some versions of YouTube, and introduces a fresh theme for a visually appealing change of pace. These enhancements collectively contribute to an enriched user experience.

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Latest Version 18.01.35
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ALL About Youtube Blue Apk

YouTube Blue Apk, a modified version of the popular video-sharing platform, YouTube, has gained prominence among Android users seeking enhanced features and an ad-free experience. Developed by the well-regarded Team Vanced, this unofficial app offers a range of benefits and customizations, though it’s essential to understand the potential drawbacks and ethical considerations.

YouTube Blue Apk is freely accessible on various online platforms, making it widely available. It stands out primarily for its ad-blocking capability, effectively eliminating intrusive advertisements from the viewing experience. This feature alone provides uninterrupted and more enjoyable video streaming.

Youtube Blue APK v18.15.38 (No Ads) Free for Android/iOS

Another prominent feature is the ability to play videos in the background, even when the app is minimized or the device screen is off, without requiring a premium subscription. This background playback enhances multitasking and allows users to listen to audio content seamlessly.

Additionally, YouTube Blue Apk reintroduces the “dislike” button, which can be missing in some official YouTube versions. It also offers customization options, including themes, layouts, and settings, allowing users to tailor their viewing experience to their preferences.

Youtube Blue Apk To Main+ Feature


YouTube Blue Apk removes ads from videos, providing an uninterrupted viewing experience without commercial interruptions.

Background Playback:

This feature enables users to play videos in the background, even when the app is minimized or when the device’s screen is turned off. This is particularly useful for listening to music or podcasts while using other apps.

Dislike Button:

YouTube Blue Apk reintroduces the “dislike” button, which is sometimes hidden in official YouTube versions. This allows users to express their opinions on content more transparently.


Users can personalize their experience with themes, layouts, and settings not available in the standard YouTube app, making it more visually appealing and tailored to individual preferences.

No Need for Premium:

Unlike the official YouTube Premium subscription, YouTube Blue Apk offers these premium-like features for free, making it an attractive option for users who want enhanced functionality without the cost.

New Themes:

This modified version may include new themes and visual enhancements, providing a fresh and unique look compared to the official app.

How to Download and Install Youtube Blue Apk

Enable Unknown Sources:

On your Android device, go to “Settings” > “Security” or “Privacy,” and enable the “Unknown Sources” option. This permits the installation of apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

Find a Trusted Source:

Search for a reputable website or source that provides the YouTube Blue Apk file. Downloading from unverified sites can be risky.

Download the Apk:

Tap the download link to obtain the YouTube Blue Apk file. It’s typically a small-sized file.

Install the Apk:

to the location where the Apk file was downloaded, and tap on it to begin the installation process.


During installation, the app may request various permissions, such as access to storage or network. Review these permissions and grant them if you’re comfortable with them.

Complete Installation:

After granting permissions, the installation will proceed. Once finished, you’ll see an “Open” button, which you can tap to launch YouTube Blue Apk.

Use with Caution:

Keep in mind the potential risks associated with using modified APKs, including security concerns and potential violations of YouTube’s terms of service. Use this app with discretion.

Pros And Cons Youtube Blue Apk


  • Ad-Free Experience: YouTube Blue Apk removes ads from videos, ensuring an uninterrupted and more enjoyable viewing experience.

  • Background Playback: Users can play videos in the background, allowing them to multitask or listen to audio content while the app is minimized or the device’s screen is off.
  • Dislike Button: YouTube Blue Apk reintroduces the “dislike” button, providing a more transparent way for users to express their opinions on content.
  • Customization: The app offers various customization options, including themes, layouts, and settings, allowing users to tailor their experience to their preferences.
  • Cost Savings: YouTube Blue Apk provides premium-like features without the need for a paid YouTube Premium subscription, saving users money.


  • Security Risks: Downloading and using modified APKs like YouTube Blue Apk can expose users to security risks, including potential malware and data breaches, as these apps are not officially endorsed.
  • Violation of Terms of Service: Using YouTube Blue Apk may breach YouTube’s terms of service, potentially resulting in the suspension or termination of your YouTube account.
  • Impact on Content Creators: Blocking ads can negatively affect content creators’ revenue on the platform, potentially harming their ability to produce quality content.
  • Unofficial Source: YouTube Blue Apk is not an official app, and its stability, legality, and future updates may be uncertain.
  • Ethical Considerations: Using ad-blocking features may raise ethical concerns about supporting content creators and the sustainability of free content on YouTube.

Benefits of Using Youtube Blue Apk

Ad Blocking:

Unofficial YouTube APKs often include ad-blocking features, allowing you to watch videos without interruptions from ads.

Background Playback:

Some versions of these modified APKs enable background playback, allowing you to listen to audio from videos with the screen off or while using other apps.

Offline Downloads:

Some unofficial YouTube APKs may provide the ability to download videos for offline viewing, which is a feature typically reserved for YouTube Premium subscribers.


You may find additional customization options, such as themes and layouts, that are not available in the official app.


Unofficial APKs can pose security risks, as they may contain malware or be vulnerable to exploitation.

Legal Issues:

Using unofficial APKs may violate YouTube’s terms of service and potentially lead to account suspension or legal consequences.

No Support or Updates:

These APKs do not receive official support or updates from YouTube, which can result in stability issues and missing out on new features.

Account Risks:

Your YouTube account may be at risk when using unofficial apps, including the possibility of being banned or having features restricted.

Alternatives to Youtube Blue Apk

YouTube Premium:

YouTube Premium is the official subscription service offered by YouTube. It provides an ad-free experience, background playback, offline downloads, and access to YouTube Originals.

YouTube Vanced:

YouTube Vanced is a popular alternative, offering ad-blocking and background playback features. However, its availability and development status may vary.


NewPipe is an open-source YouTube client that provides ad-free viewing, background playback, and the ability to download videos. It respects user privacy and does not require Google Services.

Firefox with Extensions:

Use the Mozilla Firefox browser on mobile devices and install ad-blocking extensions like uBlock Origin or Enhancer for YouTube to block ads and enhance your YouTube experience.

YouTube Go:

YouTube Go is an official lightweight version of the YouTube app designed for slower internet connections. It allows for offline video downloads and controlled data usage.

Premium Subscription Services:

Consider subscribing to YouTube Premium for an official and legitimate way to enjoy an ad-free experience and other premium features.

Ad Blockers:

Use ad-blocking apps or browsers with built-in ad-blocking features to minimize the impact of advertisements on YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is YouTube Blue APK?

YouTube Blue APK is a modified version of the official YouTube app, often featuring customizations and additional features.

Is YouTube Blue APK legal?

Using unofficial APKs like YouTube Blue may violate YouTube’s terms of service and potentially lead to legal consequences.

What features does YouTube Blue APK offer?

Features can vary, but typical additions include ad-blocking, background playback, and offline video downloads.

How do I install YouTube Blue APK?

To install it, you usually need to enable “Unknown Sources” in your device settings and download the APK file from an unofficial source. Be cautious when downloading from unverified sites.

Can I revert to the official YouTube app if I use YouTube Blue APK?

Yes, you can uninstall the unofficial APK and reinstall the official YouTube app from your device’s app store.

Will using YouTube Blue APK get my account banned?

There’s a risk of having your account banned or features restricted if YouTube detects the use of unauthorized apps.

Is YouTube Blue APK safe to use?

Unofficial APKs can pose security risks, potentially containing malware or exposing your data to vulnerabilities.

Are there legal alternatives to YouTube Blue APK?

YouTube offers YouTube Premium, a legitimate subscription service that provides ad-free viewing, background playback, and offline downloads.

How do I troubleshoot issues with YouTube Blue APK?

Seek support from online forums or communities related to YouTube Blue APK, but exercise caution when seeking help for unofficial apps.

Can I use YouTube Blue APK on iOS devices?

Typically, these unofficial APKs are designed for Android devices. iOS users may need to explore alternatives or modifications specifically made for iOS.


YouTube Blue Apk, a modified version of the official YouTube app, offers compelling features such as ad-blocking and background playback that can enhance the user experience. These features provide an ad-free, more flexible, and personalized viewing experience. However, it’s essential to approach YouTube Blue Apk with caution, as it may involve security risks, potential violations of YouTube’s terms of service, and ethical concerns regarding content creators’ revenue.

Users should carefully weigh the benefits against the potential drawbacks and consider their priorities and ethical stance when deciding whether to use this unofficial version of the app. Ultimately, while YouTube Blue Apk offers desirable enhancements, users should make informed choices and consider alternative options, such as YouTube Premium, which provides similar features through official channels while supporting content creators in a legitimate and ethical manner.



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