Offroad Chronicles V0.2237

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Offroad Chronicles V0.2237

Offroad Chronicles is an immersive game about being a trucker delivering goods across dangerous terrains and paths. In this game you’ll find yourself with the chance to ride in various types of automobiles – from delivery vans to big rigs – on tough surfaces, over high slopes and along mountain highways. You’ll need grit and quick reflexes if you want to survive the treacherous routes without breaking down or crashing!

The first all-vehicle driver mode has arrived – paving new ground in the virtual racing world of Offroad Chronicles. With its realistic driving physics, console quality graphics and dynamic terrain deformation – there’s never been a truck simulator that offers such an immersive and realistic experience on the go before! Get ready to dive into stunning coastal environments while taking control of your favourite 4×4 vehicles with this brand new portable version of Offroad Chronicles at an unbelievable price point now available worldwide exclusively on the Apple App Store!

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